Aquarium Services

In addition to our design, installation and maintenance services, Amin Aquatics is able to provides a range of additional aquatic services to make your fishkeeping as easy and stress-free as possible

Holiday visits

If you’re going away on holiday or an extended business trip and worried about the wellbeing of your tank, we can ensure your fish are taken care of. From aquarium feeds to regular water changes, you can have peace of mind your fish are in capable hands.

Aquarium consultations

Amin Aquatics is able to offer a full aquarium consultation service. Whether you need advice on maintaining your tank or general tips on fish health and stocking suggestions, we will be able to help.

Other services

If you require any other service not listed on this page then contact us today to ask more. Amin Aquatics is able to offer any service on aquarium or ponds.


Looking to improve your fishkeeping knowledge? Amin Aquatics offers a scheduled training program to help you gain a better understanding of your aquarium and its inhabitants.

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Aquarium removals

As well as offering a full aquarium installation service, we are also able to remove your aquarium and dispose of it appropriately; taking the stress and worry away from you.

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Pond Construction & maintenance

In addition to offering a design, installation and maintenance service for aquariums, we can also undertake pond construction and maintenance. With a wide range of styles, filtration and fish available, we can guarantee to make a pond an attractive feature in your more