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Founded in 2010, Amin Aquatics specialises in the design, installation and maintenance of custom aquariums and ponds including marine, tropical and cold-water. Founder Matt Amin has over a decade of direct aquatic experience and has acquired a wealth of industry knowledge which has allowed Amin Aquatics to grow and develop into the bespoke organisation which it now is.

The aquatic community is one of passion, intrigue and learning. Matt himself is a keen hobbyist and after a career in the armed forces he made this hobby into a new career. While working in aquatic shops, Matt encountered countless customers who were keen to bring this hobby into their lives but were either unsure how to do this or were not able to find the exact solutions to make their visions a reality. It was clear that there was a need for a more bespoke aquarium service in the UK which would allow dreams to become reality. This is where Amin Aquatics began.

Amin Aquatics was created to provide hobbyists and commercial clients, from amateur to experienced, with a wider range of aquatic solutions. Each customer is fully involved in the consultation process leading to a bespoke design perfect for the needs of each individual customer.

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