Aquarium Design

Amin Aquatics can help bring your ideas to life.

Amin Aquatics has over eight years experience of designing custom aquariums based around our client’s lives and lifestyles. No matter if you are looking for a marine, tropical or coldwater aquarium, we will work with you to bring your ideas to life.
Whether you are looking for a simple tabletop tank, a wall installation or a truly unique one of a kind aquarium, we begin by offering a one-to-one consultation to discuss your particular needs. Amin Aquatics will then draft a computer-aided design for your approval before creating your perfect aquarium using either glass or acrylic materials with a range of standard or custom-made wood finishes.
In addition to designing one-off aquariums for residential or commercial premises, Amin Aquatics can liaise directly with architects and builders for larger projects.
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Amin Aquatics can also help you with the design of a new pond. For more information on this have a look at our pond services.