Starting off with the basics of water chemistry you will gain an understanding of what is going on within your aquarium, helping you in the future if any problems arise.

We then go into system specific technical training, where we will show you how every piece of your aquarium works, what it does and how to service it.

From this we will cover our recommended maintenance schedule to enable to you to look after the aquarium for years to come.

Lastly we cover the basics of fish health and biology to ensure you are aware of possible issues and how best to deal with them if they are to arise.

After the training visits have concluded you should be at a good level and knowledge base to keep your aquarium and fish happy and healthy. If you were to need any further help in the future Amin Aquatics offers one off clean and aquarium maintenance visits, all the way to scheduled maintenance contracts.

For more information on training services or any other service we offer contact us today.