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Aquarium Removals

Moving house? It’s stressful. And one question which you may be asking yourself is how do I move my fish tank to a new home? It is a big task and one which many people do not do properly which can result in damaged tanks, expensive replacements, and unnecessary disruption for your fish. We will collect your aquarium and livestock from your home and safely transport and install your tank in its new location. Or, if you have a tank which you no longer need, we are also able to remove your aquarium and dispose of it appropriately; taking the stress and worry away from you.

Moving an aquarium from house to house is a specialist process which requires proper planning and action to do so safely. Amin Aquatics offers a full aquarium removal service to move your tank and fish. We have plenty of experience moving a wide range of aquarium types and sizes so you can be confident that your fish tank removal process will go smoothly. This leaves you to concentrate on everything else going on!

We offer aquarium removals both locally and nationally. We hold a Type 2 Animal Transporter Licence so that you can be sure your fish are well cared for. This is required for the transportation of livestock over 65km and for journey over 24 hours.

Our aquarium moving service is designed to help you, so our simple and transparent pricing structure has been designed to do just this. We will fully explain all costs to you so that you understand where your money is going.
Once your fish tank removal is complete and your aquarium is in place in your new home, things might have got a little murky. We offer an aquarium service during you fish tank moving process which includes a deep clean of the glass and rock/décor as well as a service of any equipment. Prices start from £75 depending on the size and requirements of the aquarium clean.