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Acrylic Freshwater Drop off aquarium

This is a truly unique tank created for a private client in Reading. The aquarium focuses on modern and minimalist designs and created a real show piece in the clients hallway. This ‘drop-off’ tank was customed made and allowed the customer to really tailor the setup to their home and needs. The aquarium is home to 50 Malawi Cichlids which are always a fantastic addition to a showpiece aquarium.

Tank specification

  • Tank – Custom built acrylic, 100x50x75cm / 40x20x30‘, 240 litres
  • Cabinet – Aluminium framed
  • Filtration ‘“ 2x JBL External filters
  • Lighting – 1x TMC AquaBeam
  • Hardscape – Grey Pillar Rock (140Kg)
  • Substrate – Dennerle Bakal
  • Fish – 50 various Malawi cichlids supplied by Kevin and Scott Lynch