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AquaOak solid oak

This homeowner in Woodley, Berkshire, was looking for an aquarium that would be a talking point when entertaining friends and family. We chose an AquaOak solid oak cabinet to keep in-line with the rest of the family’s decor and to break up the large living room area. The tank created a bright and fresh installation stocked with a range of Malawi Cichlids which are sure to make a real impression.

Tank specification

  • Tank – AquaOak 180cm wine rack, 180x45x60cm / 60×1.5×2‘, 480 litres
  • Cabinet – Aqua Oak
  • Filtration – 2x JBL 1500 external filters, inline Hydor heater, inline JBL 36w UVC
  • Lighting – TMC AquaBeams
  • Hardscape – Slate rock (80Kg)
  • Substrate – Coral sand
  • Fish – 25 various Malawi cichlids