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Aquascaper 1500

This project is another of our Practical Fishkeeping featured installations for a private client in Hurley. It was a fantastic opportunity for us to carry out a collaboration project with Aquascaper George Farmer to create a truly breath-taking display.

Tank specification

  • Tank – Evolution Aquascaper 1500, 150x60x60cm / 60x24x24‘, 550 litres
  • Cabinet – Custom built solid oak with dovetail joints
  • Filtration – 2x JBL 1500 external filters, inline JBL UVC, inline Hydor heater, inline JBL CO2 injection. Autodoser for plant fertilizer
  • Lighting – 2 x Kessil 360 Tuna Sun
  • Hardscape – Grey Pillar Rock (80Kg) and wood
  • Substrate – JBL Pro and JBL
  • Fish – 100 x tetras and clean up fish