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Flex 100X Marine

A marine installation for a private home in Surrey with a unique shape to really draw attention. The vibrancy of the corals and livestock in this aquarium were fantastically complimented by the open top design allowing your eye to be drawn straight to the centre where you could spend hours observing the comings and goings of the tank.

Tank specification

  • Tank – Flex 100X, 100x50x55cm / 48x20x22‘, 240 litres
  • Cabinet – Flex 100X cabinet in Oak
  • Filtration – 2 x OASE Biomaster Thermo 600’s with built in heaters and additional built in UVC
  • Lighting – 2x AI Prime’s
  • Hardscape – Live rock structure (25Kg)
  • Substrate – Red Sea live sand
  • Fish – various Marine fish and corals