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Jargon PR

Jargon PR – Eversley, Hampshire

We were asked to create an aquarium to wow Jargon’s team and clients with something that they haven’t seen before.

The coffee table tank is made using 20mm acrylic and can house either freshwater or marine livestock with a built-in life support system.

With a reinforced glass lid to ensure the tank is both stylish and functional, the tank discreetly conceals all cables and comes in a range of base colours that results in an elegant, minimalist feature for any room.

‘œDealing with Matt from Amin Aquatics has been a pleasure. From the initial discussion and design through to installation and maintenance, Matt has a huge depth of knowledge and experience and a keen eye for creativity and design.

Renting the fish tank works perfectly for my business and has brought an exciting new look and feel to our office which clients and the team love.‘œ

-Simon Corbett, Founder and Managing Director of Jargon PR

Tank specification

  • Tank – Custom built acrylic, 120x75x45cm / 48x30x1.5‘, 400 litres
  • Filtration -2x OASE internal filters with heaters
  • Lighting – 1x AI Hydra 52
  • Hardscape – Grey Pillar Rock (80Kg)
  • Substrate – Dennerle Bakal
  • Fish – 30 various Malawi cichlids supplied by Kevin and Scott Lynch