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Room divider reef aquarium

Room dividing aquariums are a brilliant way to use up an otherwise featureless wall. Compromises may have to be made to the aquascape because the width of the tank can limit the visual depth to the layout. However, in this case the aquarium, designed and installed by Amin Aquatics, looks great from both sides – the main living area and the dining room. Almost all of the distracting equipment is out of sight with the vast majority of the kit being located in the basement, plumbed through the lower ceiling. The aquascape consists of a basic rock structure populated with soft and LPS corals giving a wonderful sense of movement. The stars of the show are the fish – a heady mix of clowns, tangs, wrasses, lionfish and even an eel. Their colour and constant movement grabs your attention, yet is relaxing in the same breath.

Tank specification

  • Tank – 240 x 60 x 85cm, 96 x 24 x 34‘, 1224 litres / 272 gal.
  • Sump (outside in insulated housing) – 150 x 60 x 60cm, 60 x 24 x 24‘, 540 litres / 120 gal.
  • Lighting – 4 x AI Hydra 52
  • Circulation – Maxspect Gyre, Deltec return pump
  • Skimmer – Deltic
  • Cabinet – Aqua Oak
  • Additives – Red Sea series
  • Salt – Red Sea Coral Pro
  • Fish – Tangs, wrasses, chromis, Lionfish, eel, clownfish